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AntiPlagiarism NET incl Keygen is a best software to check originality of the content. To check the originality of certain texts, almost all people search for a part of the text on the Internet, usually a search engine quickly gives an answer to this question. Sometimes the result can be wrong, as not all results are one hundred percent accurate. Fortunately, there are other solutions to the issue, for example AntiPlagiarism.NET program – it can help you determine the originality of certain texts. For the application to work properly, you need to install the .Net Framework, please pay attention to this!
The application can help you check the originality of a certain text by determining exactly how unique it is. This can be a handy utility for copywriters and their customers, since either party can be sure that the text is unique and has not been stolen from other sources on the Internet, so the customer can be satisfied. In addition, you can check the uniqueness of certain images or an entire website, as the application can compare your content with the content found on the Internet.
The software can help you create detailed search results reports for specific text files so that you can further analyze them. In addition, you can process Word or PDF documents in-place, as long as you have Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can also check if the texts have been rewritten by checking the amount of the original text compared to what was supposedly copied. This can help you determine the initial contribution of certain users, in addition to the edited text.
In general, I think this development can be useful to many, it remains only to answer the question, how well does it look for texts? You can already find out for yourself, but I suggest you download the AntiPlagiarism NET program for free, the latest version with all the goodies, that is, keys, cracks and other chips for registering the program, I don’t think you want to buy it for $ 20, better translate them to me, thanks for Attention!
Developer: Inet-trade
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 1 MB
OS: Windows XP
How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That is all, Done & enjoy. AntiPlagiarism NET incl Keygen
Note: use WinRAR crack to decompress the software if needed.

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